Wednesday, 27 August 2014
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10723, S/R 29900,Hor,3/4,Hotbird

International Programming Network Inc. is a unique multimedia company offering free to air ethnic programming for International satellite viewers all over the globe , with special focus on Persian and Arabic market.
Ever since 2002 IPN TV has been offering 24-hours of free to air satellite TV family programming .
IPN TV has affiliates all over the globe and is expanding its affiliation base rapidly.
According to a recent survey by Atlantic Hitch Marketing Research Group, which is a leading independent media research company, IPN TV is the most watched Persian TV channel on Telestar 5 and Hotbird Satellite .
About Our Viewers
In general American media has failed to realize the enormous economical and social power of ethnic viewers and as a result they offer limited programming targeted toward ethnic groups such as Persians and Arabic viewers. Ethnic groups are the most dedicated and focused viewers.
Persians are the highest paid minority group living in the United States and Germany .Persian have the highest educational level according to a U.S. government's recent report.

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your baby can read
your baby can read
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